Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hey hey Walter's World is all Wet!

Walter (my little white faced Boston Terrier) likes to sit on our boat, on it's little floating dock, we were enjoying a moment of pretending the great big ocean was in front of us, then back to dry dock. As I swung him over to solid wood, he swung himself around and caused me to lose my balance, in very slow motion the next 5 seconds went like this " oh no i have to push us away from this dock so we don't hit our heads and drown as we fall into the canal and now under water." As I came up soaking wet and bleeding from several cuts and scrapes I feared for my little guy, did he fall under the dock and where was he? I started to panic! Not to worry my little pup was up the bank and over to the neighbors begging to be picked up, swearing his mother was trying to drown him. As I clamored on to dry land and up the bank, my neighbor met me, "are you alright he inquired quite concerned?". I assured him a few scratches and shells in my hair were not the worst, as long as Walter and I weren't terribly hurt. That is when I noticed he was trying not to laugh. It Dawned on me that Walter and I sliding over the boat and in to the drink was probably a very funny picture. Too bad we didn't have one. lol

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