Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street

My kids and Sesame Street. There was a point in time when my living room was a large part of my daily world, winter in NY ,2 babies and 2 little ones watching it snow for days, there was nothing that would put sunshine in the atmosphere like the Sesame Street theme song. We danced, sang and cheered cookie monster, then read their books and imagined our room to be a street.

Sad was the day when I got my first cup of coffee and settled in to the first strains of the show only to discover my little ones weren't there with me. They had suddenly grown and were on their way to school; leaving me, big bird and cookie monster on our own. A small chapter in youth; they found Sesame Street and had moved on.

Can't wait to have a morning with my grandchildren, we'll find that street again!

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